Oakley Hall Wedding Photographer

Oakley Hall wedding photographer – a wonderful wedding venue on a grand scale in north Hampshire. With an Oakley Hall wedding you’ve got options; lots of options. It’s a big and beautiful country hotel tucked away in farming country just outside Basingstoke. Think expansive grounds, cornfields, long views over gently rolling hills…

So what particularly appeals to me about Oakley Hall when it comes to wedding photography? Well straight away, it’s those gardens which leap out, and that that’s exactly what the couples I’ve photographed there in the past always say as well. It’s really a very sizeable place, and you’ll be rewarded with some really beautiful finds for photo locations if you wander away from the main lawn behind the hotel. Walled garden, stable blocks, gnarly old fences… And if a venue has enough space for clay pigeon shooting, you can be confident of a nice wide view for a sunset photo too.

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The main hotel is a really smart space, and there are loads of different ways you can use it. As well as the wonderfully light and airy main ceremony room, just off the main hall, there’s another smaller but equally attractive one upstairs. The library’s a particularly good photo spot (very handy for group photos on a wetter day too); I particularly appreciate it when you walk into a room which they call the library and it really does have a load of books in it! (It made a great backdrop for Naomi & Russ’s first dance too).

And then there’s the marquee; a whole self-contained annexe at the far end of the venue, which means that the rest of your party is all set up for you and ready to go. Long gone are the days when a marquee wedding meant a slightly flappy tend in a breeze – I think this one’s more solid than my house!
A few other little hidden gems as well; if you’re thinking of getting ready on site or staying over with some friends beforehand, check out the Garden Cottage as an alternative to taking a few rooms in the main hotel. This way you get a lovely, private space all to yourself nestled away at the far end of the gardens, away from prying eyes and distractions as you get ready. The area around the stable block (converted to bedrooms) can make for some really cool photos, especially if you want to get a little creative with lighting later in the day.

Oakley Hall Wedding Photographer
Oakley Hall Wedding Photographer
Oakley Hall Wedding Photographer


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