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Winchester Cathedral wedding photographer: When you live where I live, and do what I do for a living, that first time as a Winchester Cathedral wedding photographer is about as exciting as it gets. This isn’t just a venue which is well known locally; its reputation stretches around the world! It’s beautiful, it’s huge, and if you are fortunate enough to be able to tie the knot here you can guarantee that you will be giving yourselves and your guests a wedding which will live long in the memory!

There is no point denying that Winchester Cathedral is big. It has the longest aisle in Europe (so plenty of time to gather your thoughts as you walk down it!) and can hold – has held – extremely large weddings. But actually, it doesn’t mean that you and your guests are going to feel dwarfed by it all, with the public’s eyes on you as you tie the knot (wondering who this celebrity must be before them to be able to marry there). Very often, the marriage ceremony itself is held in the choir at the South end of the Cathedral (right above the vaults with Anthony Gormely’s famous statue) which, while still unbelievably grand, feels perhaps a little more self-contained.

That said, if you’ve got the guests I’ve also seen the whole main body of the Cathedral filled before, and that is a pretty spectacular sight!

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When it comes to photography during the ceremony, one distinct advantage is that you’re really not going to be aware of the photographer capturing the moments (it’s also worth mentioning at this point that in my experience the Cathedral has always been wonderfully accommodating on the photo front). This is one venue where the big long lenses really come into their own. But then when I switch it around and start to shoot wide, you suddenly get a real sense of the jaw-dropping scale of the whole thing. The perspective, the intricacy of the detailing, the splendour of the art… it’s the sort of place the word magnificent was created to describe! Am I gushing a bit? It really is somewhere pretty special.

You can apply to marry at the Cathedral if you can demonstrate a particular connection with it. If you are or were a long-term Winchester resident then you’ll also know that once you’ve completed the formal proceedings, you’re spoilt for choice with wonderful reception venues. Starting right there on the Cathedral’s own spot and branching out in every direction (have a look at my Winchester venues tag page for a little inspiration if you’d like to know more).

The photo opportunities don’t just sit inside the building either of course. The cloisters running down the South side are a particularly famous and instantly recognisable feature, and lead you straight down to the beauty of the Cathedral Close. Branching off from this, the charming Dean Garnier Garden (bit of a hidden gem and worth tracking down if you haven’t seen it before).

I’m starting to run out of superlatives now. If you’re reading this far then, let’s face it, you’ll probably already have a pretty good idea of what might expect to get from your Winchester Cathedral wedding photographer. Far better if I just stop now and let you enjoy some photos instead…


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