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I’m extremely pleased now to be listed as a recommended Tournerbury Woods wedding photographer at this unique and magical wedding venue. I first came across the Tournerbury Woods wedding venue when I photographed Charlotte & Seb’s marriage in the Summer of 2016, and I fell for it instantly. It was the perfect location for their day – their whole wedding was built around an almost festival-ey vibe; friends and family coming together and chilling out in the countryside. Hay bales to lean back against, acres of unspoilt woodland to explore. If fire pits, good music and good times are your thing this might just be the spot for you too. With a large marquee on hand for the more formal aspects of the day (and to offer shelter should the weather not play ball), a covered decking area which can be used for ceremonies, and charming Woods Cottage on site to provide accommodation options you’ve always got a back-up too, but fingers crossed you’ll be outside for most of the day in those glorious natural surroundings soaking it all up!




The Tournerbury Woods Estate wedding venue on Hayling Island is an absolute hidden gem. Fifty acres of privately-owned woodland surrounded by coastline, and with views all the way across Christchurch harbour to the beautiful sands of the Witterings. In the centre sits a big clearing; on one side a massive marquee, and across the lawn and past the decking area four bedroom Woods Cottage which can be used for accommodation and getting ready. Beyond this space – the heart of the estate really – lie expansive woods teaming with wildlife if you head inland, and little rivulets, lakes and copses or trees heading down to the waterfront. Marry legally off-site, either in a church or registry office, and then descend with friends and family on Tournerbury Woods for your reception. Alternatively, while it doesn’t currently have a civil ceremonies license it’s the perfect place for a humanist ceremony, and this in turn opens up the door to an outdoors wedding on the grass!

Photo Opportunities:

The Tournerbury Woods Estate is all about the great outdoors, and there are an astonishing variety of locations and backdrops from deep, dense woodland, to lakes rivers and streams, and wide views across the harbour with yachts and dinghies bobbin in the background. At the most easterly point of the estate you’ll find a wide green which is popular for large group photos and for drinks receptions.
The rooms of the cottage, if you’re using that for prep, are very quaint and complement the atmosphere of Tournerbury Woods as a whole. Various other little features reveal themselves as you look around. The best thing to do is just get out there and explore!


Tournerbury Woods isn’t currently licensed for civil ceremonies. If you are after a church ceremony then there are plentiful options both on and off the Island. Alternatively, you can marry on the day in one of Hampshire’s registry offices or any other venue which is licensed for this purpose, or alternatively perform the legal aspects of your wedding separately and put on your own humanist or celebrant-led ceremony in front of your guests right there on the estate.
It’s easy to find when you know what you’re looking for. Follow directions all the way to Tournerbury golf course (the Hayling Island one, not the Scottish one!) and then drive past the course entrance and through the farm. At the far end you’ll see the gravel lane sweep round to the right; this is the road which will take you into the heart of the estate.
Hayling Island is famously a popular holiday destination so accommodation options about; various hotels and guest houses of every shape and size up and down the Island. If you’re marrying in the height of Summer allow some extra time for traffic getting on and off the island and warn your guests to do likewise. It’s usually okay, but a snarl up somewhere can have knock-on affects as the routes from one end of the Island to the other are limited, and the number of bridges on and off even more so as there’s just one.

Other Observations:

A fantastic option for larger weddings; the marquee is enormous and can comfortably seat a couple of hundred. There’s loads to do through the surrounding area if guests are making a weekend of it. The beaches along the Island are pretty pebbly when the tide is in, but – top tip! – head to the south west corner as the water starts to recede for huge expanses of perfect sand and views across to the Isle of Wight.

Tournerbury Woods Estate Photographer
Tournerbury Woods Estate Wedding Photographer
Tournerbury Woods Estate Photographer



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