Romsey Abbey Wedding Photographer

It’s always a treat when you know you’re going to be a Romsey Abbey wedding photographer for the day. I’ve photographed weddings in a lot of beautiful churches, from the tiniest and cosiest imaginable right up the grandeur of a Cathedral, but one of my definite favourites has to be Romsey Abbey. I’ve been fortunate to cover several marriages here over the years and every single one has been absolutely beautiful.

I’ve given it some thought, and one of the things that I think is so appealing to the Romsey Abbey wedding photographer is that whilst it is undoubtedly a very grand and impressive building, you never feel like the wedding party is lost in it or overwhelmed by it. The common thread which runs through every wedding I’ve covered here, whatever the size, has been the sense of intimacy through the ceremony.
That said, the Abbey is without question a biggie, and it’s beautiful. Really beautiful. You get an absolutely huge view all the way from one end to the other, but with the side aisles and access to the choir stalls you can photograph a wedding here without drawing any attention to yourself at all, which is just the way I like it.

Outside it’s just as spectacular and also boasts several different corners and angles as options for group shots, including the lovely rose garden to the southern side and – one of my favourite spots – the wonderful main door to the north. And beyond that, well you’re spoilt for choice really. Romsey’s a really lovely little market town and, especially if you are holding your reception nearby (the White Horse Hotel is a particularly popular option – the two often go hand in hand on a wedding day), the twisting, winding streets photograph beautifully in the evening light. There are parks, gardens, riverside walks…


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