Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer

There can’t be many better jobs than being a Rhinefield House wedding photographer. I absolutely love the New Forest – it was my playground growing up – and it doesn’t get more New Forest than this stunning hotel right in the heart of the national park.

The huge double-height (and by this I mean proper double height – it’s magnificent!) hall is the most incredible of rooms for a wedding ceremony or a wedding breakfast. Outside the gardens and the views stretch off in every direction; you really are in proper forest out here, even though it’s just around the corner from the lovely little town of Brockenhurst and a few miles from holidaymakers’ favourite Lyndhurst. The ornamental pond is something else. I always make the time to try and get a big long shot of the couple all the way along it and with Rhinefield House’s iconic blue gates in the background, although to do this I need to get the seriously big and expensive lenses out as it’s preposterously big!

Oh, and they do a pretty good line in sunsets here too on the right day! For a Rhinefield House Hotel wedding photographer they most definitely make an impression.



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