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The Aviator wedding photographer. A very cool, very modern hotel on the outskirts of Farnborough in northern Hampshire, the Aviator – much as its name implies – sits right on the edge of world-famous Farnborough airport. This little corner of southern England might not automatically occur to you as one of the blingiest hotspots around these parts, until you realise that this is where a lot of the moneyed in the capital keep their private jets.

The hotel itself is striking inside and out, all sweeping curves and strong lines. This is Architecture with a capital A. Check out that central staircase and the circular balconies looking down over the atrium from every floor.

From a photo point of view it’s geared more towards the interior; think strong clean lines, rich colour pallets, art, lighting… but there are still outdoor spaces and features to make the most of if you know where to look and what sort of lens to use so if you still fancy some group photos with soft foliage and greenery in the background you’re in luck.

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The Aviator is about as practical as you can get. It’s a very modern, very accessible hotel. Easily reachable from London and pretty much anywhere across southern England (especially if you have your own jet, or, failing that, a helicopter). Plenty of parking, reception space, seamless service. Probably best not to book your wedding during or either side of the airshow though; everything’s at a bit of a premium then!


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